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Climate Unit for Cleanroom

Climate Unit for Cleanroom

Clean Room Equipment

In clean room system, the HVAC system is the key factor. However, the traditional clean room equipments are mainly applicable to the large scale of clean room. TOPWELL Climate unit is designed for the clean room application by adopting the modular concept. The complex clean room HVAC system is integrated into single equipment. In addition, the state-of-art of energy saving features is also incorporated in this climate unit. While it is a complicate system to control, TOPWELL designs the whole clean room equipment and system as accessible as possible for your operation.

Since a cleanroom is a controlled environment where products are manufactured, the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. Eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination is really a procedure of control. These contaminants are generated by people, process, facilities and equipment. Hence, it is important to note the quality and efficiency of clean room equipment. In addition, only products that have proven cleanroom performance records should be considered for use in cleanrooms. It explains that the proper selection of equipment and materials is important for proper cleaning.

Being a reliable clean room system manufacturer, Chyi Lee’s factory is equipped with the state-of-art production facility for the clean room system production in Taiwan. To move forward a single step, our factory established in China in order to strong demand in China, in 2012.We guarantees our clean room equipment and related products are exactly the one you are looking for. Please contact us immediately for details about cleanrooms.

1.Easy and short period of construction, and resulted cost saving on management
Functions of temperature/humidity control and central monitoring. Immediate clean room environment established after the connection of ducting, piping and power.

2.Additional economical value due to the availability of expansion and re-location when cooling capacity or space revision is required as the result of process modification.

3.Energy conservation
Coolant direct cooling to eliminate the energy consumption from chilled water pump and the energy loss from heat exchanger, and to increase the chiller efficiency.

4.Energy conservation
The most energy conservation unit by patented heat pump heating/humidifying system, utilizing the heat generated from coolant as heating source for low heat load period and as pre-heating for humidification water so as to conserve the energy from the heating and cooling tower operation.

5. The capacity of climate unit is selected to meet the general clean room requirement, the clean room can be completed simply accompanying the installation of the FFU or the ducting and HEPA.

6.Energy conservation
The unit is equipped with cooling water automatic valve to adjust the flow rate according to the cooling requirement of condenser, the cooling water pump can be inverter adjusted if pressure sensor is installed.

7.With the climate unit, the DCC and associated piping work is eliminated to reduce the construction cost and time.

8.The unit is designed at the high air volume and the low differential temperature to increase the efficiency of coil heat transfer, and results in the energy saving from higher operation efficiency (COP) for chiller.

9.Energy conservation
The fan speed is adjustable by inverter to maintain the air flow regardless of the variation of system resistance.

10.The climate unit can be located in return shaft or nearby the loading reguired area.

11.Energy conservation
High efficiency of fully closed scroll type compressor is equipped with mechanism of capacity regulation in according to the loading requirement

12.HMI+PLC controller easy operation of monitoring and control. 

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