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DC FFU key technology

DC FFU key technology

TOPWELL  is developed, via continuous research and test, to assure the maximum energy performance by achieving 56% of electrical efficiency. 

■   Research and Development
FFU casing is designed, via air flowsimulation software, to ensure theefficiency and flow distribution.

■   FFU performance is tested and verified by third party lab or research institute.

■   Fan Features
Aerofoil or centrifugal fan isselected to meet the applicationrequirement.

■   High efficiency design of FFU controller
FFU controller is designed by Taiwan professional company,which is invested by international well known company, andis manufactured in Taiwan. The controller is tested to meetthe EMC and SEMI standards and the harmonic filter is builtinto minimize the interference of power source. 
Refer to IEEE specifications,the harmonic is to be lessthan 15% and 18% f o rvoltage > 380V and voltage  
■   High efficiency motor
The external rotor DC brushless motor is designed to achieve over 90% ofefficiency, and the shaft/bearing is prevented from electrical pitting to assure the bearing life of 100,000hours.




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