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Fan Filter Unit

Fan Filter Unit

Fan Filter Unit

TOPWELL, accumulated 30 years of service in cleanroom construction, developed the new generation of high efficiency Fan Filter Unit, in synergy of Taiwan hi-tech electronic technology and HMI software development, manufactured under the reliable quality in Taiwan. To achieve the high standard of energy saving performance, high efficiency motor is selected, in combination of various fan design, and the casing is aerodynamically optimized. Our fan filter units are particularly designed for the BLDC motor; in addition to the controller, the shaft/bearing of motor is protected from the damage of electrical pitting to ensure the service life over 100,000 hrs.

With the features of low energy, low sound, and high efficiency, our cleanroom fan filter units are designing in flexible solutions for standard operating procedure at an international level of Clean Rooms. Since we have rich experience of manufacturing cleanroom related products, our engineering staff are specializes in designing customized solutions for various requests and unique applications.

As the pioneer of Green Technology in Taiwan, Chyi Lee wins a good reputation in the industry. With the guarantee of certificate of ISO9001 and 14001, our Cleanroom system, equipments and related products  are reliable in the industry. No matter what demand or question you have for cleanroom related problem, contact us immediately. We are ready to offer you the best service

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