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Modular Cleanroom

Modular Cleanroom

Modular Cleanroom

Chyi Lee is a leader of cleanroom systems for various applications in the international industry. Our products and related equipments adopted advanced technology throughout the manufacturing process. Our Experienced R&D team puts effort on improving our modular system continually. No matter in the aspect of research or development, our staff wins excellent feedback from customers. This is also the main reason that we are the pioneer in the industry. Until now they already finished many modular cleanroom projects. We believe in this competitive market, continuing to innovate and remaining protective of proprietary technologies is the only way to win trust from customers.

Chyi Lee offers a complete line of innovation walls system, door, windows and hardware designed to meet satisfy your needs. In order to get close to your complete satisfaction, our trained staff and sales are appreciate to hear any recommendation about our modular cleanroom, clean rooms system or other products. With the deeply communication, we can realize your requirement for designing a customized clean room equipments.

With nearly six decades experience of manufacturing clean rooms products, we are proud of offering cost and effective clean room system and related products such as modular cleanrooms. Up to now, TOPWELL has been regarded as the leading brand of total freeze ice tank. If you have any interest or question about our product and service, please feel free to contact us for further information.


TOPWELL modular cleanroom characteristic:

■  Equipped with lighting, receptacle, LAN cable and temperature/humidity control system, which can be connected to central control,system for remote monitor/control. The operation of cleanroom is immediately available upon completion of unit and hook up of utilities.

■  Easy for cleanness up-grade, cleanroom modification or re-location

■  Engineering integration for easy and flexible application.

■  Consisting of climate unit, ceiling grid, tool partition, FFU, lighting and PAH, which are TOPWELL developed products for assurance of quality and cost control.

■  Cooling can be outdoor air cooled or water cooled by cooling tower,also the PCW or chilled water is applicable for cooling source (acontrol valve is installed for automatic adjustment of flow rate)

■  Energy saving design is considered in cooling water, re-circulated air and compressor heat recovery to assure the most efficient running cost.

■  Equipped with gowning room, air shower and machine room,providing the cleanroom with protocol function.


■  TOPWELL Modular clean room 

■  Cleanroom configuration

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