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Specification of the monitoring system

Specification of the monitoring system
♦   Monitoring and control system

System includes computer, HMI, active gateway and FFU control board. As option, hand held controller or touch screen panel are available.  If consider to increase the system stability, the redundant server and ring switch is recommended. 

♦   Computer 

  • CPU: INTEL >2.5G 
  • RAM:>8G以上
  • Network: 10M/100M  standard  Ethernet TCP/IP
  • OS: WINDOWS 7  Professional 
  • Human-Machine-Interface(HMI) 


  1. Window displayed screen shows the  FFU installed site plan by indicating the running status to facilitate user to manage the system. 
  2. Able to be integrated to central control system, such as iFIXintouchWinCC  and others。 
  3. Individual FFU control of run/stop, speed  and alarm status. 
  4. Group control of run/stop, speed  and alarm status 
  5. Visualized operation allows easy access for immediate control. 
  6. Individual and group of FFU is displayed on the plan layout by indicating the status. 
  7. The monitoring status includes speed, stop, no-load/over load. 
  8. Response time is within 8 sec for 378 sets of FFU( one loop). 
  9. Stop command requires repeated enter to prevent false operation. 
  10. History Log can be displayed by  date or duration  for the alarms. 
  11. Authority setting allows the management of users. 
  12. User Log recording the operator, events and alarm date for tracking. 

♦   Active gateway
1.Active gateway adopts Ethernet TPC/IPEach IP allows connection of 250 Gate way,which accommodate total amount of 94500 FFUs via RS-485 connection.
2.Active Gateway access actively to FFU controller for prompt response.
3.Active Gateway can independently online monitor the FFU status even without the connection of HMI.
4.Portable controller or touch screen panel available for on-site connection for immediate control or monitoring.
♦   FFU Controller 

1. On board indication of alarm, connection and running status.
2. Address setting 1~255
3.AC FFU can be off-line operated for  manual speed setting.
4.For DC FFU, the controller is equipped with harmonic  noise  reduction and power factor enhancement

♦  Cables and Wires

1. Etherent cable: CAT5EUDP, RJ45.
2. RS - 485 cable: CAT5EUDP, RJ45 or RJ11
3. Plug type connector for easy connection and maintenance. 
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